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Experience is extremely crucial when it comes to proficiency and excellence in providing a service. This is especially true for us at AJR Commercial Realty Inc. For the last 26 years we have invested considerable time and resources into refining our services as a commercial real estate broker in order to offer our clients a quality real estate purchasing experience. The outcome of our efforts has been our position as the go-to commercial and retail real estate broker in Jersey City, NJ.

From commercial property leasing and selling to investment property brokerage services, we at AJR Commercial Realty Inc. take pride in helping prospective property owners and eal estate investors find the property deals that are abundant throughout Jersey City, and all of New Jersey. We have a track record for providing seamless service that makes real estate purchasing a painless and efficient experience you will look forward to.

With more than 20 years of industry and commercial retail property experience, we are more than capable of identifying the best property for your business needs. We will help you find the property that will be best for your business both in the immediate term and in the long term.

Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or are new to the commercial property industry, you will always benefit from having an experienced and professional team on your side helping you make the best decisions. To date, we have succeeded in leasing and selling over 45 million square feet of industrial, commercial, investment and retail space.

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